Basketball seems to be a recurrent

March 3, 2017

Basketball seems to be a recurrent theme in the presidential race. We have seen many video clips and photos of Barack Obama shooting hoops and playing pickup basketball. He often makes references to his love of the sport, the media never miss an opportunity to comment on his skill and even ‘s brother, the coach of the men’s basketball team, spoke at the..

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Watson is like them in that regard. He expects to win and dedicated most of Monday’s practice to what it will take defense. Knight estimated 70 percent of the active practice time was spent on defense. How Albrecht Dittrich became Jack Barsky is one of the untold stories of the Cold War, an era when the real battles were often fought between the CIA and the KGB. Barsky was a rarity, a Soviet spy who posed as an American and became enmeshed in American society. For the 10 years he was operational for the KGB, no one in this country knew his real story, not even his family..

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