Member Spotlight: Katherine Schwarzenegger

September 9, 2011

Name: Katherine Schwarzenegger

Age: 21

From: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Student, Author, Activist

TEAM MARIA Alumni? How long? What leg of the race?

Yes, I am a Team Maria Alumni! Since the beginning I have been a Team Maria member! This year I am doing the 15 mile ride, I tried the 35 last year and it was a bit too intense for me!

Why did you join TEAM MARIA?

Because my mother made me (haha)!! Also because I love everything that the team represents! It is comprised of strong women and men who are determined to raise money for a great cause like Best Buddies, but also want to have a great time! Everyone on this team enjoys giving back and wants to make a difference in peoples lives, and I am honored to be a part of that. Plus, Team Maria is obviously the coolest and best team!!

Why is the Best Buddies program, and its mission, so important?

I think Best Buddies is an essential program in everyone’s lives no matter what their age. Ever since I was little, I was taught the importance of those with intellectual disabilities and the incredible abilities they have, but not everyone has that. Best Buddies’ mission is to create one on one friendships and have people with intellectual disabilities working in the work force. It is important for every person to have the opportunity to interact with people with intellectual disabilities, and BB programs in schools allow kids across the country to do this. Without a program like BB, people would most likely never have the ability to build memories and share experiences with people with intellectual disabilities. The people that I have met who have been involved in BB always talk about how much it has changed their lives for the better and taught them so much about themselves and their buddies.

What motivates you to participate in the Audi Best Buddies Challenge: Hearst Castle?

What motivates me to participate is the fact that I can help raise money and promote awareness so a great program, like BB, can continue to grow and be a part of peoples lives all across the world. This program is one that touches so many people and changes so many lives and participating in the BB Challenge will allow BB to continue doing this. I also think this event is tons of fun and has a great group of people to bike with and share laughs with!

What is the URL to your personal TEAM MARIA fundraising page?

Anything else you would like to share?

Please come to Fashion’s Night Out this Thursday, September 8th at the Diane Von Furstenberg store on Melrose in LA to help support Best Buddies while shopping!!

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