Member Spotlight: Zachary Youngberg

July 14, 2011


Name: Zachary Youngberg 

Age: 16

From: El Dorado Hills, California

Occupation: Junior at Oak Ridge High School

Why did you join TEAM MARIA?

I joined Team Maria because of my friend John Masterson.  He rode with his father on the 35 mile ride last year.  John worked for the Governor of California as a Best Buddy and became friends with Maria.  I wanted to show John how important his work is and how I respect his efforts in biking and in the Special Olympics.  Hopefully by doing the ride I can get others involved in this program as well.

Why is the Best Buddies program, and its mission, so important?

This program is important because it educates others and continues to help intellectually challenged individuals who need the support of others.  It gives Buddies their chance to take part and share their incredible personalities and athletic abilities.  The more people who take part in Best Buddies will help spread their mission.  As a younger rider I hope to do just that.

What motivates you to participate in the Audi Best Buddies Challenge: Hearst Castle?   

My motivation to participate  is my friendship with John Masterson.  John is an incredible person who is caring, loving and always happy.  He makes me smile and appreciate life in a whole new light.  I have always supported John in his Special Olympic Track and Field events, and he always supports me in my high school Track and Field meets.

What is the URL to your personal TEAM MARIA fundraising page?



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